Caregiving For A Warrior

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“Amidst it all, you are giving the greatest gift: caregiving.”

Kearni N. Warren

About the Author

Kearni N. Warren

Kearni N. Warren is an author, advocate, and speaker. She founded The Caregiver Society, an affirming and intentional community that supports the spiritual, mental, and physical needs of caregivers.

“Caregiving is often emotionally draining. You see your loved one changing right before your eyes—physically and mentally. ”

Kearni N. Warren

Listen to Kearni N. Warren discuss caregiving:

Foreword by Rev. Dr. Marsha Snulligan Haney, one of the first 10 African American women to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA.

“Like mother, like daughter, Kearni has inherited her mother’s spirit and love of God and ministry. However, her own journey, gifts and passion have led to assist in the development of a specialized ministry, that of caregiving. Whether or not you personally know Kearni or knew of her mother, the Rev. Bernice Warren, you will find this important book insightful, inspiring and informative.”

Rev. Dr. Marsha Snulligan Haney

About Rev. Bernice Warren

Rev. Bernice Warren

Rev. Bernice Warren was one of the first 10 African American women to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA and the first African American woman ordained in the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

“You can’t just sit in a church when you see poverty, violence, injustice and schools collapsing around us. Jesus spoke to this issue. He didn’t just stay in the temple. My ministry is a ministry of justice and I’m clear on that.”

— Rev. Bernice Warren

Interview with Rev. Bernice Warren

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